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Our mission is to take the stigma away from Internet Marketing and Design. Through the years many companies have taken advantage of the lack of knowledge towards marketing and the internet in general. Metaweb Design and Marketing is here to do one thing, provide a service that is beneficial to your business.

We won't waste your time with internet jargon, tech speak or useless numbers that mean nothing to your unique company. We want to work with you in every step to make sure your company is getting the best results possible for your goals.


Metaweb Design and Marketing is a unique firm. We specialize in a one-of-a-kind flat rate system, while still offering monthly programs if they suit your needs.

Your primary focus should be shifting to mobile marketing and therefore that is our primary concern. Whether it comes to designing a new website, SEO or fixing your current website, we believe mobile is the future and eventually desktop computers will be a thing of the past.

Our services include:

  • Responsive Website Design (Mobile Friendly)
  • One Time Fee or Monthly Search Engine Optimization
  • One Time Fee or Montly Local Listing Set-Up
  • Flat Rate Graphic and Logo Design


Metaweb Design & Marketing

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